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Premium Hot Tubs by Hot Tubs London

Hot Tubs London leads the way in providing innovative relaxation centers for all budgets. For a premium hot tub, book an appointment or come into our showroom to see what is new. We specialize in an inventory of comfortable and effective spas that emphasize comfort above all. We partner with the Top Brands to deliver the definition of luxury to our customers’ homes. Whether you have an expansive lawn or a small backyard, you can find an option that works for your property.

What to Look for in a Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub is a significant investment, and we understand you want to have all the information first. Fortunately, our team is more than willing to help you decide. When the weather gets cooler, and your pool is out of consideration, you’ll love owning a hot tub. Some things to consider include:


Hot Tubs London's hot tubs are innovative and have high-tech features that enhance comfort and longevity. You can trust our brand.


How many people will you seat in your hot tub? Once you choose a model, you must ensure you always have room for friends and family.


Hot Tubs London's hot tubs feature highly-comfortable seating allowing hours of relaxation time. Innovative design and endless testing have enabled the perfect hot tub.


There are more important things than the number of jets in a hot tub – including their placement. Ours feature smart design that equals high functionality.

Water Management

Don’t spend a fortune on water. Instead, choose our hot tubs, which implement innovative technology that guarantees efficiency.


Most important in our ever-changing climate is our insulation system. We use a Canadian environmentally friendly foam insulation system that reduces the running cost of your hot tub. This insulation system also provides support to the heavy water that is always in the internal plumbing. This system truly prevents leaks and repairs. It's the number one insulation system so that your hot tub can last a lifetime

hot tub and pool while sunset

Visit Our Impressive Showroom or Call/Text to Book an Appointment Today

Hot Tubs London is proud to serve London, ON and the surrounding community. Visit our showroom. You’ll find a dazzling array of hot tub options, each offering something special. Whether you need a small four-seat option or a bigger eight-seat hot tub, you can trust the quality of our products and the honesty and expertise of our sales team. We’ll set you on the right path. Call/text 519-860-5779

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